The Parliament of Finland, where the people of Finland are represented by 200 Members of Parliament, is the most important governing body in the country. Members of Parliament are voted into power through elections which are held at four year intervals.

The most important duties of the Parliament are to pass laws and manage the State’s budget. In addition, the Parliament’s responsibilities include:

  • monitoring the activities of the cabinet and subordinate government authorities
  • approving international agreements and participating in preparing issues to be presented to and decided on by the European Union
  • appointing a prime minister

Anyone can contact a Member of Parliament, or MP as they are known, by email, phone or post. Don’t be afraid to make contact. It makes no difference whether you are yet of voting age, as MPs represent all citizens. MPs recognise that the young person contacting them is a voter of the future.

Contact details for MPs and their assistants can be found on the Finnish Parliament website. This web page also has links to individual MPs’ websites, where you can read about their views and opinions. More information can also be found on the Youth Parliament website.