Municipal Council

A municipal or city council is the most important governing body within a municipality. The way a municipality operates and how it manages its finances are governed by the Municipal Council. The Council decides which services and projects the municipality will finance and what it can afford to do. In this way, the Municipal Council is also in a key position when it comes to making decisions on issues which concern young people.

The members of the Council are elected through municipal elections every four years. The councillors are in positions of trust, which means that their work on the Council is unpaid and carried out alongside their normal jobs.

The Council make decisions at public meetings which anyone is able to attend. In some municipalities it is also possible to follow the elections on the internet. It is also possible in many municipalities to read about issues that will be voted on in upcoming meetings on the Council’s website. If this service is not already available in your municipality, get in touch with your local Council and suggest that it be set up!

The contact details of councillors can be found on the municipality’s website. The contact details for municipalities can be found on the website of The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.