I vote in youth council elections

Youth councils are politically and religiously neutral local groups for young people. Youth councils promote the interests of young people in their municipality in many ways. They may organise youth events, take part in decision-making on boards and committees within the municipality, and take a stand on issues concerning young people. The youth council is often voted into the position through an election in which the young people of the municipality have a right to vote.

Notifications about youth council elections are often made in schools. If you don’t know whether or not there is a youth council in your municipality or how it is elected, ask the representative of your student representative council, a teacher or youth instructor. You can also find more information about youth councils and how it is assembled from your municipality’s web pages. When the elections come round, remember to vote – this is the only way you can influence who will be speaking on behalf of young people to the decision-making authorities.

You can get more information about youth councils from The Union of Finnish Youth Councils.