I express my opinion

You are allowed to state your opinion on issues whether or not you belong to an organisation, student union or anything of the sort. If you have an opinion which you feel is justified and which you would want taken into account when important decisions are made, you can contact a Member of Parliament or Municipal Councillor directly. Everyone has the right to share their opinions.

Decision-makers chosen through an election often don’t get enough feedback from citizens that would let them know how their decisions have affected people’s lives. You can also make a difference during the time between elections!

Another way to express your opinion is by writing a critique on an issue on your own blog or in your local newspaper. An online writing course created by the Language Centre in the University of Jyväskylä provides easy advice on how to write a good critique. Signing internet petitions is yet another way to express your opinion. There are web pages, such as www.adressit.com, where you can familiarise yourself with topical petitions – or start your own! Web page www.otakantaa.fi offers also an opportunity to talk about important topics. Taking part and commenting other subjects increases also your own knowledge!