I belong to an organisation

An association or organisation is a group of people who are united by common goals or values. It is a way to make a difference in matters that are important to you and to make contact with and act in these matters with like-minded people.

There are over 100,000 associations in Finland which can roughly be divided into the following categories:

  • sports and exercise associations
  • cultural associations
  • leisure and hobby associations
  • health and social care associations
  • youth and student associations
  • political associations
  • professional associations
  • economic and business associations
  • counselling associations
  • religious and world-view associations
  • education, parenting and science associations
  • environmental associations
  • retirement and veteran associations
  • village and district associations
  • national defence and peace associations
  • friend societies, ethnic organisations and development organisations
  • service associations

You can find more information on different associations on web pages of the The Web School of Active Citizenship. Information about associations can also be found at the Register of Associations website.